Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 9:23 AM

Fire, originally uploaded by mmvgonzales.

Yesterday was another reminder that we live in Southern California, a desert which is fed from water via the California aqueduct from water in northern California. This was not a brush fire but an industrial fire fueled by plastic at a recycling center. The TV news was quick to get the word out that all 3 major freeways were affected and were closing down and that the thick black smoke was polluting the air with toxic chemicals from the plastic. We were advised to stay indoors with windows closed. Aside from this fire there is a big fire in northern California at Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful areas in the US. I love to visit Lake Tahoe and it makes me sad to hear the lake is covered in ash and the sky is dark.

ps: I'm computing as I sip my morning coffee in the family room and not hooked up to a scanner so I took this photo of the sketch with my camera phone and posted it to flicker, thus not a great image, but it's not a great sketch either....


  1. Ooh- sounds scary! I hope no one was hurt, or breathed in too much of that toxic smoke.

  2. martín Says:

    Hola Marta! Gracias por tus comentarios y deseos. Tengo unos días más para quedarme en casa, para no tener una recaida, pero ya no tengo fiebre desde ayer. Espero que se haya solucionado el problema del fuego y los químicos. No quiero pensar lo que debe ser! hace unas semanas se predió fuego un vagón del tren en el que viajaba, justo cuando estaba por bajar. Al llegar a la estación y detenerse el tren, se llenó todo de un humo blanco espeso que no se podía aguantar, era irrespirable! Así que ni pensar lo que debe ser un incendio de la magnitud que dices tú. Espero que no hayan tenido problemas.
    A la perrita le hemos puesto Fiona, si te imaginas que por la princesa de Shrek, sí, es así! jajaja. Es tremenda, se la pasa agarrando todo y mordiendo por todos lados. Debe tener unos 4 meses más o menos. Bueno, nada más por ahora, te mando un saludo muy grande, de nuevo agradecimiento y seguimos en contacto. Besos.

  3. I hope all is fine over there? You have a nice handwriting...I'm always fascinated by handwriting. In fact, my handwriting was the incentive for Hartman to get to meet me all those many years ago!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Marta, how sad to note the fires (we see them nightly on the news) but it is good to document in your journals. I too remember Taho as one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen - it will come back, fires are nature doing major spring cleaning. Hopefully NO one gets injured!!

  5. Sandy Says:

    Hi Marta...we were in the path of the fires in 2003, which raced through the foothills in Rancho cucamonga...the flames came to the back fence, jumped to the roof and did a dance all over the roof...our house was were all the houses on the street...thanks to a guy who owned a water truck that lived on the road...

    Scary time...during the same fire ..our cabin up in Green Valley Lake was close to being in the path but at the last minute the winds shifted....

    The hazards of living in Southern California for sure are those fires...

    I like your blog ...sandy

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