Monthly Life Drawing Session at RAM

Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 8:47 PM

Tonight was the monthly life drawing session at the local art museum. Dianne wasn't able to go with me tonight so I went alone. I left early with many excuses: it's too hot, I wanted to be outside on this first day of summer (sun set at 8:04pm), I didn't click with the model, etc...... The first series of poses I wanted to giggle. He was an older African American and kept holding props like a football and posing kind of silly (at least I thought so). The lighting was poor also and him being so dark...I was having a hard time with values. But, at least I got out to draw!

1 Responses to Monthly Life Drawing Session at RAM

  1. Sandy Says:

    Well all considered - nice work - I would giggle too ;-)

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