It was one of those days.....

Friday, June 8, 2007 at 9:11 PM

when you get up from a good night's sleep (no migraine for over 48hours now) and have no plan in mind. So you go grab that first cup of coffee, catch up on world events and go check your email. Three hours later after spending too much time browsing blogs, researching for your upcoming European Adventure and doing some online shopping......your artist buddy Dianne sends you an instant message: "So what are you doing today?"

Well that whole conversation led to "I'll pick you up in half and hour and let's go to the spa!" So we got luxurious scalp massages and treatments then had a lovely lunch from Simple Simon's at the pool. We took our sketching supplies and easily slipped into creative mode and began sketching by the pool.

Our attention was caught by the laziness of the afternoon; people lounging, sunbathing or reading the paper. In the pool was a delightful little lady who was enjoying the water with her Nana. She had on little arm floaties and was enjoying as only a child of four years could. Dianne and I both couldn't resist to try and capture this fleeting moment. Despite the constant movement we were both happy with our sketching today.

Jordan and her grandmother came and joined us in the jacuzzi and then later at our table where Dianne let Jordan paint in her Moleskine. I think this little lady enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed our visit with her and her Nana.

Sketching in public is difficult for me, but with experiences such as today's it only encourages me to do it more often. In many ways we are such a small planet,connecting so quickly via the Internet, but that human face to face contact can never be replaced. Today was a very good day indeed.


  1. Great sketches you did on a wonderful day...the pictures look so gorgeous and inviting....the sun drops in over here only now and then! I love the sketch of the pot with roses as well as the girl and her nana in the water..they're all good, but your pot has such nice touches of color1
    And then(I can't find your email address, so I'm just going to respind here...OF COURSE, OF COURSE, I don't have to repeat it to you actually, the offer still's an open one, if you can't make it this fall, then whenever it is possible for you! you are always welcome! And then of course you can meet the "KING"...hie hie.

  2. What an absolutely awesome post, Marta! You can just feel how wonderful it is to be free of migraines - your wonderful relaxed smiles in the photos really communicate what a great day it was. (After being ill one day in Hong Kong, I felt reborn when I was better, I imagine when migraines go away it's the same feeling.)And your sketches are so successful - you've perfectly rendered the atmosphere - you're definitely on a roll.
    Looking forward to meeting you and sketching with you!

  3. shirley Says:

    These are wonderful! I love the losseness and the emotions captured and seeing actual photos as well!

  4. Irene Says:

    Marta, your sketches really reflect the sunny relaxing day. Enjoyed the photos too.

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