Oh Julia

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 8:14 PM

julia-child-1 julia-child-2

I tried the loose watercolor technique again with this week's EDM challenge #124: draw something yellow. I'm sorry Julia but I couldn't do justice to the rose named after you: Julia Child. It's a most lovely rose bush that bursts with blossoms in every shade of yellow from deep cadmium when first budding to a pale lemon when fully open. I am just not a floral painter and was disappointed in my efforts. Other than that...had a great day in the pool!!!


  1. Bonny Says:

    I don't think this painting of Julia's roses is so bad. In fact, it looks very impressionistic to me. Who says you have to make everything completely realistic?
    Personally I quite like the softedges you created. Gorgeous colours, too!

  2. Jana Bouc Says:

    Wow! I thought these were both wonderful paintings. I think you are indeed a floral painter! They're lovely, even if they didn't turn out to be what you had in mind, they look great to me!

  3. I agreewith Bonny and Jana - these actually came out very well - I think probably you had an idea in your mind about what you wanted to do, and this is different. It happens to me a lot!

  4. I think your impression of these roses are beautiful. You were loose in painting them and I especially like the first one...very impressionistic with nice lost edges as well as a nice focus area right where the buds are, with great white pieces of paper left in between to give that lovely light feel. You should do some more florals, I think you'll like it in the end?

  5. Lin Says:

    I think both of these are STUPENDOUS!!! BRAVA!

  6. I agree with everybody else. They are well done. Keep going.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Ok I go with the others, florals are HARD to keep realistic and loose - you did that and the jar is fabulously un-fussy - we all have to keep practicing to get what we have in our heads OUT?? You are well on the way!

  8. Lynn Says:

    These are just beautiful. They are immediately recognizable as roses, but have a lovely, soft delicacy to them. I think they are very well done.

  9. Robyn Says:

    I think the first watercolour is stunning, Marta. Really! Be happy, you are a flower painter. I'd try to say it in Italian but it's getting late and I haven't even done my language lesson today.

  10. mARTa Says:

    thank you all for looking and commenting. I am encouraged to continue pursuing my love of art and flowers! oh, and of the two, I like the first one best as it has a more airy feel to it.

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