Afternoon with Robyn

Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 9:06 AM
Artic...the weather has turned bitter cold for this california girl. This afternoon before venturing out I put layer upon layer of clothing on to keep warm...and still I managed to look cute....LOL...
I met up with Robyn at noon and then spent the rest of the afternoon with her talking, eating and enjoying Florence. She took me to her favorite piazza where the Hospedale dei Inocenti ..the orphanage built by Brunelleschi is and we went inside to the small museum. I could almost hear the children's voices echoing from the past. It is truely a priveldge to be able to see some of these places and try to imagine what life was like back then.
We enjoyed much conversation, sharing of wonderful to get to touch a Robyn masterpiece!!! We had a whole bottle of vino and shared a tiramisu for dessert. High on the list was a trip to an art store but when we got there we were told it was closed till Monday...I guess I will have to return someday.
To lessen my dissappointment she took me to a fine little shop with leather bound books and journals. It was a mistake to take me there just to look. I found a beautiful leather bound book that had a journal slipped into it with fine paper. After I am done using it as a sketch book I will bind a new watercolor book to slip into it....It will last me another 50 years I am sure.
I also found a beautiful purse to go with my new shoes......and a trip to the ancient pharmacy at St. M. Novella was a treat as well, smelled old, and aromatic and I could visualize several hundred years back people in long robes and candlelit rooms...and concoctions being prepared...I bought a pomagranate soap and souvonir soap dish.
Alas I walked her back to the train station and I lost my way back to the B&B but found an interesting way back which provided me with a wonderful view of the ponte vecchio so I stopped and sketched I did get some sketching in today.
I want to thank Robyn for her trek into Florence today on this blustry autum day, for the wonderful lunch and vino, but most of all for a memory I will treasure forever. She took some photos as did I but her's will probably be posted before I can get mine up...still no wifi connection for my iphone......Robyn, mile grazie per tutto!!!

How to keep me happy...could take a lifetime to learn....and still be worth it.

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  1. candy Says:

    Grazie for keeping us posted. How wonderful. Sketching in Florence. It can't get any better than that. What a beautiful memory. We love you Candy

  2. Anita Says:

    Can't wait to see the photos and sketches produced.

  3. Robyn Says:

    Marta, I'm so sorry you got lost after we said goodbye. I should have pointed you in the direction of the river in the first place. It was lovely to share such a big chunk of your Florence time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am now impatient for the rest of your sketches.

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