Black Snot

Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 12:23 PM
Our last day in London....oh, do I love London....I'll be pining for the day I'll return again.  We finally got a good sleep..we made adam buy some Benadryl and he took 75mg...he was out till we woke him at 9:30 this morning.  After a nice coffee and crossaint at a nearby caffe we got on the Tube towards KNIGHTSBRIDGE for shopping at Harrod's.  Adam ditched us for the rest of the day and Rudy waited patiently while Amy and I shopped at the Benefit counter with a sweet sales girl also named Amy.  From there to H&M where Amy found a cute outfit..
Next we went to the National Gallery and took a self guided tour of the highlights.  Our favorite: the Venus by Velasquez.  Rudy and Amy allotted me 'sketching time' and while I sketched the view from a window at the Nat. Gallery of the view of Trafalgar Sq. they went off to buy lunch for the 3 of us.  I met them on the steps to the gallery and we munched on sandwiches with all the other museum goers.  I was so happy with my sketch and was feeling pretty wonderful!  I haven't had time to paint it so won't post it yet.
Amy left us after that returning to the B&B on a bus while rudy and I got on another bus and realized we were going the wrong way. We got off and found an underground station and too the tube to Waterloo station and from there walked along the southbank along the Thames.  It was romantic and we stopped briefly for a photo of me with St. Paul's in the background and a stop at the Tate Modern (where everyone was checking out a large crack in the floor in the Turbine gallery..yes, IT was the exhibit).  #
from there we went on a boat from the Millenium bridge to the Millbank pier at the British Tate where my friend Shirley in New Yord said not to miss the Turner watercolor exhbit.  It was wonderful!!! and I especially enjoyed seeing his sketchbooks on display.  I wonder...200 years from now will mine be on display at LACMA (l.a. county museum of art)?
A walk to the B&B from there where we passed a Mexican Bar and Cantina....yes, we returned to the hotel and only amy wanted to join us and we returned to the cantina and had a most wonderful dinner....lots of coctails and good food.  Our drinks came garnished with a little fruit...I asked what it was since it was so good.....physallis....tasted somewhat like a mini quince to me but looked like a yellow tomatillo.....a walk along Victoria past the theaters and resturants to the internet cafe where now I post.....good night all....I'll check in from Rome....ciao.
How to keep me happy...could take a lifetime to learn....and still be worth it.

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