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Monday, October 29, 2007 at 9:00 AM
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Bonjour Mom and Papa!
I just wanted to take the time out to thank you both for this amazing experience. Even though sometimes we all had our "moments," this will be a memory that will undoubetdly last forever (who's going to forget Loch Ness in London!). You should check your watches (mom, hope you found yours) because I think there was some kind of time change in Europe recently (my wrist watch was off but thankfully the iPhone kept "real" time). Charles de Gaulle is crazy, they have this self check in line but mine didn't work so I had to go see the ticket counter person. On the plane ride there, I almost had my own window and aisle duo until some people got on the plane last minute. I ended up sitting next to a French lady who probably knew about 4 words but tried to communicate with me nonetheless! Luckily for her, I knew the word "pomme" so I was able to help her get some apple juice from the English speaking attendants. When we landed, the crazy French people all threw
their pillows up in the air in delight. Weirdos. Then the line for customs in Dallas was sort of long but I talked to a nice old Brazilian dude who was a chemical engineer. I even forgot how to speak English though, I was messing up all kinds of words! Seth picked me up on time. My house was ok. Car a little slow to start but you'd be too if you had a 3 week nap. As much fun as it all was, I thoroughly enjoyed taking a shower in MY shower this morning.

Thanks again. I miss you guys already but now as dad would say, you have the "boudoir." Oh, one more thing, they confiscated the olive oil. When I went through security it showed up as a potato on the x-ray machine. They kept asking me where the potato was. LOL. So stowe it if you want to bring it back.

Love to you both, Amy

On 10/29/07, Marta Gonzales <mmvgonzales@yahoo.com> wrote:
Miss you and hope you made it back safe.


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