La Dolce Vita

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 5:52 AM
just a quick note today.  We needed a more laid back trapesing around in my new pumps today!  Debbie: a purse in Florence!!!!!
We walked over to the Pantheon today ... totally awesome...had breakfast overlooking it...I felt like Audry Hepburn in Roman Holiday!
Then a bus ride to Termini Station where the National Museum of Rome is nearby...way cool statues....and now...a metro ride back towrard the Band B and some resting up this afternoon.
We were out late having too much fun, too much vino and much kissing.....We stayed out late and enjoyed la dolce vita!!!!
I got my butt 'cupped' on the metro...good to know I still got it. 
quick note on laundry.  Rudy is on his way back to the B and B in search of a 3 travel companions are in dire need of some clean clothes.  I on the other hand have been handwashing and am smelling sweet and fresh as always.....ciao...domani..tomorrow..the Vatican museum, sisteen chaple and St. Peteràs Basilica.....
How to keep me happy...could take a lifetime to learn....and still be worth it.

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1 Responses to La Dolce Vita

  1. ksklein Says:

    too much fun, too much vino and much kissing.....

    sound great! :)

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