today in london

Friday, October 12, 2007 at 12:36 PM
I feel like the BBc...."today in London the Gonzales family got up late because they had another night of fitfull sleep....."   At 3am 3 of us were wide awake and hanging out with the little girl from Poland who was the desk clerk at the B&B where we are staying.  After finally falling back to sleep we dragged ourselves out of bed down to breakfast...what a sight we must have been in lounge wear and us girls wearing flipflops to a proper English Breakfast.....
We got showers out of the way and then walked about 10 minutes to Buckingham Palace to catch the changing of the guard ceremony.  I took the opportunity to sketch while we waited.  This is my 4th visit to London and had never seen this spectacle before....none of us were very impressed....ah well....
|Onto the British Museum where we saw lots of cool stuff....most impressive the egyptian mummies and the rosetta stone. Then to a little eaterie forlunch and back to the room at the B&B to rest up while Rudy went to a landramat to do our laundry!!!!! Yes he is for real!!!  
Now we are out for the evening....a great resturant (italian) where we got a taste of what is coming next in Rome and Florence.....amy and I enjoyed some fine wines and a delicious pannacotta for dessert.  Our waiter was Italian, friendly and was confused because we sound like Americans but we must speak spanish also!!!
Well...we leave for Rome on Sunday so I might not be able to check in again till then.  Before leaving I set up my iphone for international calling....which I have been fustrated at working only at times....I shut off my data plan and have been relying on a iffy wifi connection...that's how i have been able to post photos of the sketches i've been doing....i am happy with the one of the statue at the monument at B.palace from today.....that one was fun to do! 
thank you all for the notes and comments...i don't have time to respond but am happy you are all checking in....ciao...from London..marta
How to keep me happy...could take a lifetime to learn....and still be worth it.

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  1. Me alegro mucho que estén pasándolo lindo!! Un beso. Martín

    PD Cuando yo te deje mensajes NO contestes, no es necesario. seguí divirtiéndote!!

  2. Just checking in to say hi..I have been following your journey and it seems yuou're are having great fun...good!! Enjoy every minute

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