The tower

Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 9:13 AM

The tower, originally uploaded by mmvgonzales.

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Today we got up early, had a good breakfast and set out for sightseeing. We were still tired as with the time change it has been difficult for all of us to get back in sync with our internal body clocks. After breakfast onto Victoria Station to buy 3 day travel cards and take the LONDON TUBE to The Tower of London where we were facinated by so much history. I especially liked the suits of armour and took some good photos.

Then a ride on the Thames from The Tower Bridge to Westminster where we spotted Big Ben, The Houses of Parliment and went into Westminster Abby. We then walked to Trafalger Square passing no. 10 Downing Street and sat ourselves down for a nice lunch at the National Gallery's cafe. We were sleepy that we will leave the tour of the National Gallery for another day.......back to the B&B and we all took long naps....Adam is still asleep...we left him a not:)

gotta run......ciao...untill next time I check in!

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  1. Hi Marta, So glad you made it. I need to find a real Knight in shining armour ha ha. Maybe in Carlsbad. You know I have family in Darby. My great grandfathers brother's family They never left England way back when. Love the pic of London Ale. I'll keep checking blog Love ya Candy

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