Arriverdeci Roma

Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 3:53 AM
A lazy day...we got up at 11am.....showered and began gathering our belongings. Then we all ventured out : amy and I for some last minute window shopping, adam..who knows and rudy to do his and their laundry....I of course have it all together...although I am getting tired of wearing the same clothes.....So, I bought a new scarf!!!!!!!
I want to head over to the Capotoline Museums today and one last look at the forum and colosseum and hope to get one more sketch in before we dress up for an evening out to dinner as our last night together. Adam leaves for home tomorrow and amy, rudy and I take the train to Florence for a few days.....hope to be able to keep up the blog from there. On Saturday I am meeting my friend Robyn in Florence for lunch, sketching and plain ol' girlfriend time!!! see you there Robyn! marta


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